Responsible Investment

Responsible investment is at the core of Birchwood’s investment approach; we believe positive environmental, social and governance factors contribute to investment performance as well as supporting a more sustainable economy for the long term.


Birchwood seeks to continually innovate and evolve in a way that will best serve our clients. We strive to conduct business in a manner that has a positive impact and to manage our Company’s impact on the environment through our work processes, employees habits and our carbon footprint. We believe that a stable climate and a healthy planet are essential to the well-being of society and the global economy. We seek to contribute to these important goals by minimising our own environmental impact. This is fundamental to our corporate culture.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

As a firm established by women, diversity, inclusion and belonging are at the core of our culture. We believe there are significant benefits from integrating a wide-range of perspectives throughout idea generation, problem solving and decision making. Birchwood is committed to building a diverse and engaged workforce and supporting an inclusive environment. We continuously seek to build a culture which unifies our employees across our business free from discrimination.

Respect in workplace

We work to create a respectful, rewarding and inclusive work environment that allows our employees to build meaningful careers. We achieve success by working together with shared values for common goals in a way that allows us to make a positive contribution to our society. Our employees are Birchwood’s most valuable asset and we believe the health and well-being of our staff is instrumental for the growth of our business.

Meet your Team

Birchwood is an established team of UK real estate professionals with an extensive track record.

Our Investment Approach

Birchwood’s flexible capital can be structured to provide a broad range of debt solutions across all major asset classes.